July 28, 2016


IT Project Management

Get the help needed when you’re too busy with the day to day. We’ll be on your side to make sure the work gets done.

Infrastructure Architect/Planning/Assessments

Is technology more of a weed than a rose? Let us take a look and give some recommendations on the potential areas you can expand and improve.

Security Assessments

With today’s security risks you don’t want to miss anything. We’ll review your perimeter, patching, antivirus, and more to make sure only the good gets in and the bad stays out.

Cyber Security

Who has the time to keep up with it? We’ll take an overview of the security arena, risks, vectors of attack, and customize it to your business to keep your company safe.

IT Policy Management

Regulated environments have their own set of requirements and needs. We’ve got the experience to help you keep track and craft the policies to keep everyone happy.

Cloud Technologies

Rapidly deploy technology without a big upfront investment along with a security conscious approach to keep your data safe.

Server/Network Installs/Repairs/Upgrades

Systems age and run slower, become a greater security risk, and need care and feeding. We can assist in figuring out what those steps need to be so your technology runs for you.